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Inspired by her greenhouse cultivars and her personal collection of antique botanical prints, Bethany has curated a timeless selection of art and antiques that reflect the romantic beauty of gardens and garden rooms of the past. This captivating collection is a fresh and romantic take on the ancient botanical theme that still enchants the hearts and homes of today.


Limoges Porcelain Tray with Server

This lovely platter and server make a classic pair – set with cake or stacked with scones it’s a set that will be treasured for a lifetime.


French Blue and White Birdcage

This delightful piece is large enough for a little bird, or you could fill it with flowers and plants and hang it in your favorite room.


Painted Garden Arm Chairs

Beautifully made with shapely hammered iron arms and legs, and the round backs painted in a distressed floral design make these a lovely pair to have in the garden.



Squash Blossom Beignets from the Marchioness Garden

On my way to gather edible flowers for a recipe, I was stopped short by squash blossoms that shone like gold stars all along a fence around the garden. The long leafy vines buzzed and vibrated with bees from the nearby hives. The bees disappeared inside the yellow flowers and then reappeared, rested as if to catch… Read More »