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The mini-matrimony and micro-wedding are in vogue. Couples commemorate their special day by investing in heirloom keepsakes that they and their families and friends can enjoy for years to come.


Victorian Charm Bracelets

The endearing charms on these bracelets once adorned the wardrobes of ladies and gentlemen from 200 years ago. Still beautiful, and maybe more so now with their lovely antique patina, they will enchant all who wear them.


Early 19th Century French Fauteuils

A stately pair for the bride and groom – substantial and sturdy,  museum quality Louis XVI style, gilt arm-chairs which can be used as-is or reupholstered to fit with any decor. Beautifully aged gilt over intricate carving through out. 


1930’s Satin Liquid Wedding Dress and Knife Pleat Caplet

This soft and slinky, satin liquid dress is layered with intricate knife pleating all around the hem and caplet. It makes a perfectly elegant understated look.



Bespoke Engraved Card Sets by Marchioness

I’m so excited to introduce the bespoke collection of luxury engraved card sets by Marchioness. These beautiful sets where made with my customers in mind. So many have inquired about the lovely Marchioness stationery that I decided it was time to create a line for purchase. There are three different types of boxed sets: notecards,… Read More »