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Inspired by the tapestry-like color palettes of fall and winter, and the woodland animals that bring so much whimsy and delight into our homes and lives.


French Hand-Painted Porcelain Plates with Woodland Animals, Set of 12

A stunning 14 piece set! 12 plates, one large platter and one gravy/serving bowl. All hand-painted with woodland scenes of animals with cobalt blue and gold accents. My favorite find this season! This will make a stunning table setting or hang on the wall as decor. Matches beautifully with the Tiffany chargers.


18th Century French Silk Needlework, Pheasants

A fine example of 18th century silk on silk needlework. Whimsical scenes with pheasants and butterflies in a soft colorful palatte on taupe silk background. A perfect pair to hang in just about any room.


French Tapestry Side Chairs

A pair of my personal favorites! These chairs are wonderful for their versatility. They look fabulous as fireside chairs, or dining chairs or accent chairs in a sitting room. The topiary tapestry is a charming touch and worn to antique perfection.



The Woodland Collection

As the sunlight softens and temperatures cool, the leaves change color and the woodland creatures scurry through the woods collecting and storing nuts and berries for the long cold winter. I like to imagine a family of chipmunks snug in front of a warm fire in a stylish burrow with a twig chandelier, mushroom table… Read More »