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There’s always a fascinating history attached to an heirloom. They’ve usually traveled long distances, over many years to land on our dinner table or night stand, or to hang on our wall. Tales of adventure, love, and heartbreak seem to flow from them. The question now is what will you add to it?


French Wing Chair – Brunschwig & Fils Upholstery

A shapely, French wing chair in Brunschwig & Fils, Chinoiserie. The smaller size of this classic chair makes it a sweet accent for a bedroom or a study. The deeply carved, dark wood frame is very well done. It’s comfortable for reading or just relaxing. A wonderful piece that will brighten any room.


Victorian Blue Enamel Brooch

A whimsical piece that can be worn as a brooch or a pendent. The exquisite craftsmanship in gold and blue enamel and gold dangling beads makes this a standout piece a Victorian treasure.


Reed & Barton Silverplate Wine Bucket

An heirloom piece to be sure! The grapevine etching, the Greek key design around the rim, and the ornate handles are of the highest quality craftsmanship. Not to mention the 4-ply silverplate over copper. The inserts are a rarity and can be removed. This wine bucket has it all and makes a beautiful gift for a wedding or anniversary. Or use it for a special event at your own dinner table. You cannot go wrong with a piece from Reed & Barton.



Citrus and Cedars X Marchioness

Over the past couple of years, it has been my good fortune to work with Caitlin Hill of Citrus and Cedars Consulting. She was an integral part of developing the Marchioness brand. Caitlin is a dynamic young woman with a great sense of style and an admirable work ethic. She leads a full, busy life… Read More »