Antiques honor the past through their nicks, scratches, and pretty patinas. They tell the tales of families, homes, friends and of milestones, commemorations and celebrations. I never tire of their stories.

Meet Bethany

Marchioness Home & Garden was founded by interior and garden designer, Bethany Berk.

With twenty five years of experience in home remodeling, retail, antiques, textiles and manufacturing, Bethany developed Marchioness Home & Garden as the culmination of her expertise, travels and passion for design.

A California native who has called San Francisco, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles home, Bethany now resides outside of Boston in the New England countryside, where she recently finished renovating a historic property on the Charles River.

While her journeys in search of antique treasures have taken her around the world, Bethany’s greatest joy is delighting in the country landscape of her own home, from admiring a family of swans on the river, to seeding and planting in her garden, or harvesting honey to share with others.

Bethany holds a BA in Interior Design from the Interior Designers Institute and an MA in European Studies from Columbia University.

A European title of nobility for a woman, ranking below a duchess and above a countess, and who usually resides in the countryside.

Everything has a Story

From the finest dealers in Paris to the flea markets of Brimfield, each piece Bethany procures for her collections evokes beauty in its own way. Whether rare, refined, vintage or shabby, these products are selected with the goal of bringing a little joy to you every day, in your home, or garden.

A Focus on the Seasons

Marchioness Home & Garden will feature curated seasonal collections twice a year. As each season develops, we will continue to add pieces that honor holidays and celebratory moments. Marchioness Home & Garden is based in Massachusetts, with an atelier on the Charles River. At this time, we are a web-based company only.

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