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A Heavenly Hampton’s Home Wedding: Sasha Bikoff and Adam Cooper

A very special day has come for someone dear to our family. My step-daughter, Sasha Bikoff, has married her long-time friend Adam Cooper. They planned the venue for the Pearl Palace, a nickname for their newly built home in the Hampton’s. The sunset setting on Gardiner’s Bay, with all their loved ones around them couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Before the wedding, I was fortunate to catch Sasha, who was quite busy with prepping for the wedding day, for a few details about her plans. And after the wedding I was fortunate to capture a mix of photos from my own cell, and her friends and her wedding photographers. The following is the result. I hope you enjoy.

How did you and Adam meet?

Adam and I have known each other our whole lives. We grew up together. It wasn’t until he came to my house last August for a party I was having that we realized we were the perfect match. It was a corona love. He ended up staying at my house that entire month, with two t-shirts, one bathing suit, and a pair of sneakers. Every time we went to a restaurant around the Hampton’s we would buy him a t-shirt at the gift shops.

Where you surprised when he asked you to marry him?

I was totally shocked. Adam doesn’t love to be the center of attention like I do hehe. He proposed to me one Saturday morning at our rental apartment in Miami. He had adorned the living room with rose petals and arrangements. I woke up thinking it was just a regular day but it ended up being the best day in the world.

Tell about the ring

Adam designed the ring of my dreams. I would’ve taken a ring pop, but he did well with a diamond and sapphire. I found the design in a Graff advertisement from the 1980s. It was a collaboration between William Goldberg diamonds and my best friend Alison Chemla from Alison Lou. A lot of love went into the ring. When Adam met with the Goldberg’s to see the stones his mom said just do a classic diamond setting, but Adam’s grandma said “give her what she wants.” She passed away shortly after so the ring means a lot to Adam he was very close with her. 

Who are you using for an event coordinator?

Bronson Van Wyck, he is a legend and has thrown some of the most epic parties.  We’ll have it at my house in the Hamptons, in August because the weather in the Hampton’s is perfect in August. We are limited due to Covid so will have our closest friends and family. 

What’s on the menu?

The food will be Mediterranean and Israeli, done by our friend Lev, an Israeli chef. It will be site specific with stations near the house and down on the beach. Barbeque, grills, bread ovens for veggies, meats, poultry, fish and pita. The venue is very casual with fire pits and tables with cushions to sit on the beach. Lev serves food in parchment paper and gold cardboard. It’s all very earthy to fit the whole beach vibe.

What are you doing for invitations?

We did virtual because of time constraints. We sent out a black and white crashing waves video from the beginning of Beyonce and Jayz’s, Drunk in Love, music video.

And for flowers?

My friend Chris Hessney is doing them, but my property is so nature-y already so something that blends with the landscape. Vases full of sunflowers, dahlias, and gladiolas from the local farm stands will be set on tables through out the house.

Tell about the dress?

We are both wearing custom Versace designed by me. Because of my close affiliation with the brand and my love for their atelier. I’ve always known they would design my looks for the wedding. For the wedding party it’s whatever they want, but I imagine my aisle to be a runway.  

What do you have in mind for the cake?

The cakes will be done by a close friend, who owns Carssisa’s bakery. I imagine colorful pastel cakes stacked in different shapes and sizes with butterflies and ivy swirling all around it.

The reception went late into the night and a wonderful time was had by all. I hope it was everything she had dreamed it would be. Mazel Tov Sasha and Adam!