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An Antique Summer Retreat in Connecticut

Have you ever dreamt about what it might have been like to have had a summer home in the early 1900’s? Well, whether your answer is yes or no, you are in for a treat. There is nothing like experiencing a delightful antique home with original furnishings in a heavenly setting. Get ready to be transported to the warm summer gardens and enchanting interiors of the past.

In 1906, a family of five purchase this farm land surrounded by water and moved their entire house to the property. The property has been kept in the family (who wish to remain private) ever since. It is now managed and shared between a growing clan of two hundred. There is plenty of room for all to visit – a main house, two secondary homes (built later), a caretaker’s cottage, and a chicken coop converted into an office/studio.

Some of my favorite interior features are the wide-plank, hardwood floors painted charcoal black, the colorful colors of the trims and doors through out the house, the pewter collection in the dining room, the light seer sucker bed covers, and the sheer window coverings with beautiful views from every room.

Maintaining such a large, ramshackle home is no easy feat. Luckily, many family members participate in the upkeep in one way or another. With preservation in mind, some paint, some do yard work, some manage reservations so families don’t overlap their vacation time. There is a caretaker who attends to the more complicated tasks, like plumbing or electrical issues when they arise.

A stone lined bridge paves the way to adventure.

The garden is at the center of the family life. It’s planned and maintained by the eighty-nine year old matriarch. Over the course of the summer vacationers help with picking melons, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, onions, eggplant, and so much more. Flowers, such as sunflower, dahlia, geranium, lily and zinnia grow in abundance as well, and are cut and set out on tables through out the house. As fortunate would have it there are a couple sous chefs in the family who make good use of the fresh produce to create wholesome garden-to-table meals.

The atmosphere is low-key, summer casual. In the heat of the day it’s not uncommon to see visitors napping in a hammock, swimming in the cove, or hopping on a bicycle to go into town. Another novelty to see is the antique truck and tractor putting around the grounds for the heavy duty yard clean up.

The property is surrounded by the sea and marshlands. Boating, paddle boards, and swimming are classic summertime pastimes enjoyed by all. Well-maintained trails and bridges lead the more adventurous to scenic views and serene spots for a quiet respite.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey back in time. This lovely place has provided such good times and memories for so many. Thank you dear friend for allowing me to share it. May it continue on for many more generations.

A splendid view while walking up the hill, under the trees with the homes on the horizon.