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Bouquets from the Marchioness Garden (l)

When planning a home wedding, why not consider your own garden for the attendants bouquets? Making them is easier than you think. Follow these simple steps for creating beautiful wedding bouquets for family and friends to enjoy on the special day.

Examine your garden for any flowers, greens and herbs that would fit into your wedding scheme. For the color and size of the bouquet, let nature be your guide. For instance, in this first image above, you can see how the bouquet came together almost on its own as your eye is drawn through the purple, pink, and blue flowers. Remember to use green leafy plants too, as they provide a backdrop of color and add volume.

Once the flowers have been gathered, find a space to spread them out and arrange them by size. A good rule of thumb is to start with the tallest in the center then fill in with the shorter stems. Then simply gather them together and see how they look. (At this point, take a photo to see if there are any holes that need filling. The camera reveals spots that we sometimes miss.) Make adjustments and then bind the stems with a beautiful ribbon.

Using any satin, silk, lace or grosgrain ribbon, tightly braid or wrap it around the stems (for a smooth tight finish, add floral tape before the ribbon). Tuck in any loose ends. If not already wrapped, the ends of the stems can be trimmed neatly. Cut a separate piece of ribbon and tie a bow at at either the bottom or the top. Leave enough for a long tails as a pretty detail.

Another bouquet in peachy pinks – zinnia, foxglove, roses, cynoglossum, lavender and herbs – wrapped in a satin ribbon with tails. To enhance the colors add a pop of fuschia or purple. Scent is also an important element – oregano, basil, lavender, roses, and scented geraniums make for a lovely fragrance.

I hope you’ve been inspired to use your garden as a resource for wedding bouquets. Stay tuned for a special post for Bridal Bouquets coming soon.