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Dining Al Fresco at Home

The summer months call for outdoor dining. Setting a table is made easy by simply moving everything outdoors. Find a patio or a spot in a garden to set a table, pull up a chair, and pour some wine. It’s time to enjoy the summer nights!

The nice thing about eating al fresco is that it’s usually impromptu given the weather and the mood is casual. Food is light, like salads and veggies from the garden with bbq kabobs or fish with herbs. Add to the ambiance with fresh cut flowers and herbs from the garden and hurricane candles.

Add some pillows to the chairs for comfort, and a light cashmere throw over the arm of a chair will come in handy for guests who get chilly easily.

There really is nothing like enjoying a meal outdoors with friends and family. I hope you’ll take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy!