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Luncheon in the Garden

Every so often it’s nice to set down the trowel, take off the garden gloves and enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of the garden. Finding a spot to set up a table and chairs provides an opportunity to do just that. It can be used as a respite after a hot bout of gardening, or to entertain a friend or two for tea and snacks.

Set the table with pretty antique and vintage pieces with a floral motif. Take advantage of the surroundings and sprinkle a plate of cookies or crackers and cheese with herbs and edible flowers. A tall pitcher full of ice tea with a sprig of fresh mint leaves makes a refreshing treat.

Vintage napkins and bud vase napkin rings with snippets from the flower boxes are a charming touch. For center pieces use pots of scented geraniums for fragrance.

It’s a wonder what a little respite and sunshine will do for the spirit. I hope you’ll find a pretty spot in your garden to set up a table and chairs to enjoy.


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