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How to Frame Your Antique Prints

Staircase with antique pictures in frames

Botanicals are versatile in nature and relatively easy to frame. I especially love arranging botanicals in groupings, hung in intimate spaces such as powder rooms, sun rooms and stairwells. When it comes to framing these pieces, stores like Michael’s and IKEA have plenty of affordable DIY options. Custom frame shops will have nearly limitless possibilities.

Framing can be costly, nearly as much or more than the print itself. So, it’s worthwhile to shop around and to think about your intentions before committing. The choices can be overwhelming, so here are a few guidelines:

  • Keep the frames quiet and let the botanicals do all the singing. Brought down to its essence, the job of a frame is to support the botanical, and not to compete with it. A straight forward, clean edge is best practice for a timeless aesthetic. 
  • Matting is not necessary, but if used, blend it as much as possible with the botanical.
  • Use accent color sparingly, perhaps in a double mat or a single mat with a color inside the cut edge.
  • Whether you choose a gold gilt, natural wood or a white box for floating, keeping it simple and clean in line and color will ensure that each piece will be cherished for a long time to come. 

Best wishes as you embark on your botanical endeavor! 
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