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Entertaining with Heirlooms

Fall has all the elements for delighting the senses. With its golden sunlight, richly colored foliage, crisp air, and bright blue sky, there’s no desire to go indoors just yet. With nature’s beauty and bounty as a backdrop, the season inspires us to bring our friends and family together to celebrate.

Whether hosting or attending a small gathering or a special event, attention to detail and quality is a fine way to make beautiful memories. For instance, you might bring a sterling serving piece as a hostess gift. Antique serving spoons and forks, are not only pretty and interesting for their quirky shapes and sizes, but useful to boot, and can be used year after year.

Our wardrobes also change for fall. Whether for a party or a date night, dressing for the occasion deserves careful consideration. For daytime, an Irish lace blouse paired with denim catches the casual spirit of the season. A curious piece of Victorian jewelry makes a memorable statement when pinned to the lapel of a tweed or corduroy jacket. For evenings, an antique silk shawl with vintage velvet clutch is a perfect match with a little black dress.

Most important though, is making sure your friends and family feel welcome and comfortable. Setting the table with with flowers, candles, porcelain, linens, and silver accents shows you taken the time to care for them. If you’re having a sit-down, use place cards as they give your guest a special place at the table. And as a guest, it’s always fun to see who you’ve been seated next to and the cards make lovely keepsakes.

I hope your fall season is a joyful one, and that you and your friends and family make beautiful memories to savor through the years.