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Lindsay Fair X Marchioness

One of the best parts of running a business is certainly the many connections one makes along the way. I’ve been lucky to form new relationships with other garden aficionados, antique lovers, and the like. However, another wonderful by-product from developing Marchioness have been the relationships I’ve developed with our creative team. I’m excited to introduce you to a few of those special women over the next several posts, and especially thrilled to commence this series with Lindsay Fair of WOMA Design. Lindsay is responsible for the design and development of the website, in addition to the brand’s logo assets and identity, as well as the beautiful packaging we created. She continues to be a vital part of our day to day. Not only has she mastered her own field, but she somehow manages to balance life as a Mother of two girls, wife, gardener, surfer, boater and New Englander. She fascinates and impresses me!

Join me, as we get to know Lindsay, below.

Tell us a little bit about WOMA Design. What services do you offer? 

WOMA Design is the business name I’ve operated under for going on 13 years. I offer comprehensive design services for building meaningful brands: logo design, print collateral design, as well as website design and development. I like to consider myself more of a design partner for my clients, as the goal is always to forge a long-lasting relationship where I can fulfill all of their design needs with consistent style.

What is it that you provided for Marchioness? 

My work with Bethany began with the brand identity process, where we developed the logo and general aesthetic for Marchioness. Next we embarked on a stationery & packaging suite, in tandem with her custom designed online store and website. I continue to work with Bethany to produce email marketing campaigns, monitor and maintain her website, and oversee the Marchioness digital experience.

Do you have a favorite element from your work with Marchioness?

While I truly enjoy every aspect of realizing a brand’s story, print pieces are always the most gratifying elements to produce. Specifically, Marchioness super luxe hangtags are show stoppers with double thick cotton paper, die cut corners, foil stamping, gold edging, and gold roped tassels. They feel like keepsakes, just like the products themselves!

Tell us a little bit about life in New England. What is it like to work and live in coastal Rhode Island? What do you love most about living where you do? 

Living close to the ocean is a requisite for me and my family – we’re boaters & surfers, so the real beauty of living in the Ocean State is that you’re never too far from the coast. Finishing the work day and heading to the beach for a sunset dinner & swim is a typical summer activity that I sometimes take for granted and don’t think you could do so easily in a lot of places. 

As a mother of two girls under the age of four, how do you balance your work with motherhood and family life? 

I think the concept of balance is a continual aspiration as a parent, especially as a mother, and I can’t claim to always have it. But I think juggling work and family life goes the smoothest when I establish clear boundaries and expectations (with myself, my clients, my kids, my partner,…) This means being okay with saying “no” to some things (projects that aren’t a good fit, working late into the night) and “yes” to others (periodic housecleaning, time for self care) ; )

If there is one pro tip you could share with other working mothers, what would that be?

Become very organized with your to-do lists. I’ve found project management software to be very helpful in keeping me and my clients on task. It also helps combat the dreaded “mom-brain” that allows things to slip between the cracks.

We hear you have a tremendous garden. How long have you been gardening and what are you most proud of growing?

I began small scale gardening when I bought my first home in Newport, RI in 2010. The house was in a densely populated historic district, so my gardening efforts were condensed into a tightly packed backyard.  I can safely say I maximized the space.

It wasn’t until moving to my current home in the bucolic town of Saunderstown in 2017 that I got more serious with gardening. The property featured an existing 1000 sq ft fenced garden plot so I quickly educated myself in farming,  began growing flowers and vegetables from seeds and got a crash course in soil maintenance and pest management.  

Favorites: Heirloom tomatoes are always highly anticipated, and I feel like a proud parent when the first Café Au Lait Dahlia blooms.

Do you have a favorite summer recipe from your garden?

Most of my favorite garden dishes are very simple, like a beautiful Caprese salad. But a couple of earmarked recipes are Peach Ricotta Cake (we have a very productive peach tree) and Zucchini Milanese from a Junior League cookbook.  

If you could buy any product from the Marchioness shop, what would it be?

The Exotic Botanical Scene Screen would look sooo good in my studio!

With August quickly fleeting, how do you hope to make the best of the remaining days of summer?

I plan to go swimming every day in August, and enjoy the fruits of my vegetable garden in dinners alfresco with my family. Simple living at its finest. 

Thank you, Lindsay for sharing with us snippets from your world!