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Olde World Weddings

Welcome to the Marchioness Spring/Summer Collection, Olde World Weddings.

Before Queen Victoria ushered in the white wedding, nuptials – especially those of royalty and nobility – were colorful affairs of rich jewel tones, textures, and layered patterns all mixed and matched to make a lavish spectacle. Entire populations of towns and cities would line the streets to wish the couples well, as horse drawn carriages took them to their respective ceremonies held in cathedrals and palace gardens.

Weddings for everyday citizens, while perhaps less lavish, were no less colorful. The dress code was loosely known as your “Sunday Best” and the ceremonies were held in small churches, city halls, homes and backyards, and attended by an officiate, family members and a few friends as witnesses. 

Fast-forward 200 years and not all that much has really changed. We are all still turning out for the spectacular royal weddings in even larger numbers, thanks to television. However, for us commoners, especially with Love in the time of Covid, the mini-matrimony and the micro-wedding are currently in vogue. These intimate venues have come fully into their own, and there is no sign of letting up any time soon. 

Today, wedding attire is wide-ranging from non-traditional “Sunday Best” to bespoke veil and white dress. Ceremonies are held in town halls or family homes with receptions in backyards strewn with lights and ribbons. Tables are set with linens, porcelain, silver pieces and flowers. Couples commemorate their special day by investing in heirloom keepsakes that they and their families and friends can enjoy for years to come. 

For instance, for the bride and groom – monogrammed “Mr” and “Mrs” linens, diamond earrings, gold lockets. For the bridesmaids – lace gloves, porcelain boxes, charm bracelets. For the groomsmen – monogrammed cuff links, carved wooden boxes, or handsome leather-bound frames. For parents – sterling frames, enamel boxes, and jeweled brooches.

Treasures that add touches of romance from days past and work like charms for good luck in the happily-ever-after. I hope you enjoy!


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  1. What a gorgeous collection!

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