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Ready – Set – Spring!

The first signs of spring send us foraging for tulips, daffodils and anything green to put inside our homes and on our tables. In the spirit of savoring the season, here is a selection of antique linens and tabletop items to help you catch it while you can!

Silver pieces like trays, baskets, candlesticks, and servers are long-lasting additions to a table setting. They are the foundational pieces that will stay with you for a lifetime. These types of pieces are useful throughout the year too, and can be repurposed for trinkets, flowers and whatnots.

Table linens can be changed out easily enough. Fresh, clean, crisp white damask tablecloths and napkins with embroidered monograms look elegant day or night (especially pretty with candlelight reflecting off the lustrous patterns.) Alternatively, for a more informal gathering a table runner on a buffet table or a sideboard and guests serve themselves.

When thinking of pattern, all things garden come into play. Hand-painted plates with flowers, leaves, birds, eggs, anything botanical is a welcome sight on a spring table. Glassware plays a part in reflecting light and color. So tinted glass or cut crystal can be mixed into almost any setting.

Antique double damask tablecloths have aged elegantly.

Whether celebrating a holiday, or a special event, such as a birthday, wedding or an anniversary, our dining tables are where we gather together and celebrate all the beauty spring has to offer. Here’s to spring!