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Scenes from a “Fox-Friendly” Fox Hunt

The annual Fox-Friendly Fox Hunt, held by the Norfolk Hunt Club, took place on a beautiful, sunny autumn day. Fox-Friendly means that the hounds follow a scent and not a real fox. The Norfolk members rode over the rolling hills and jumped the winding rock walls chasing the bellowing hounds and the trumpeting fox horn. They were welcomed by onlookers who served them drinks and freshly baked treats. The dogs enjoyed a drink of cold water and a roll in the grass along with lots of love and attention from guests.

The ever-gracious, Silverwood Organic Farm, hosted the event. Guests enjoy a spread of delicious dishes and treats. It’s a magical morning where friends and families gather to enjoy each other and the beautiful scene.

Norfolk has been riding through the local town trails and across the Silverwood property for over 100 years. The Norfolk kennel is the oldest operating kennel in the country, and provides a home to over 20 hounds and boasts an official Keeper of the Hounds. The beautiful hounds are healthy and full of energy.

After last year was cancelled because of the pandemic, I felt extra appreciative to be with everyone outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. The children made caramel apples, seasonal decorations, and apple juice from an antique apple cider mill. A collection of antique tractors and Polaris off-road vehicles were on display, and to top-off the morning families were treated to a tractor ride through the fields.

How fortunate we are to have this lovely tradition! Cheers to the Norfolk Hunt Club and Silverwood Organic Farm for keeping it alive!

Hip Hip Hooray!