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The Aubusson Collection Mood Board

Aubusson is synonymous with tapestry and is the central inspiration to the Marchioness Autumn 2020 Collection.

The Aubusson process has always fascinated me — it began with patterns painted on paper, then cut into pieces and reassembled into images woven into that which we recognize and adore today as tapestries. The tapestries were then used to upholster furnishings, hang on walls or to spread over floors as rugs. They added beauty, warmth, and a sense of rustic luxury to a room.

ABOVE: Inspirational Elements from our Aubusson Collection Mood Board rest upon an Aubusson Painting.

Story-telling through allegory and symbolism play a large part in tapestries. Scenes of foxes, swans, wolves, fowl, flora and fauna act out their fairy tale-like roles. They tell the stories of predator and prey, of love and friendship, of triumph and tragedy. 

Imagine coming in from the cold to have a brandy in front of the fire and letting your mind wander over these beautifully woven narratives. These vignettes take us on a journey, revealing the duality of light and dark, the intimate dance of masculine and feminine, the contrast of handsomeness and prettiness, and how each intersects to create a dance of delicacy and strength. 

I look forward to musing on the Aubusson influences in future posts. There is truly so much to share about their meaning. In the meantime, I invite you to explore The Collection.