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The Aubusson Paintings

These are original Aubusson paintings which were used as patterns for the famous woven Aubusson tapestries. The medium is gouache on paper. Some are linen-backed, some still have pins attached, and some have numbers and notes scribbled on the back from the pattern makers. The patinas are distressed, the edges worn and torn. The overall feeling of each piece is that of abundance, elegance and beauty.

Last year, while on a buying trip in France, I found these wonderful paintings. The tapestry factory in Aubusson had been closed, the contents within were being sold and whatever didn’t sell would be thrown out. The antique dealer knew someone involved in the closing and she was invited to buy whatever she wanted. There were no tapestries left, but there were hundreds of scrolls stored in boxes that lined the factory walls. I’m not sure how many she bought, but from the stash piled all around her atelier, it was quite a few. And in turn I bought many from her.

Below are a few best practices I thought I’d share with you when it comes to caring for and hanging these delicate and magnificent pieces:

Caring for your Aubusson painting: The paintings are antiques and call for careful handling. Ideally, they should be linen-backed. As mentioned above, some are linen-backed but should be redone. They can be kept rolled and stored in a tube in a cool dry place until ready for framing.
Framing: It is recommended to float on a matching (as close as possible) mat and a simple gold frame with UVF plexiglass. For an example look at the pieces in frames here. Another option is to go frameless. This means no outer frame or glass. Have the painting linen-backed then mounted on a wood frame like a canvas, in the style of a panel.

Where to hang your Aubusson paintings: They are so beautiful that they can go just about anywhere – a stairwell, a bedroom, a family room or living room, a powder room. Avoid a full bathroom as the water and steam may affect them badly.

I’m so excited to introduce you to these truly original and gorgeous paintings. Have a closer look on our Collection Page, here. I hope you’ll enjoy!