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The Elements of an Heirloom, Fall Mood Board

In dreaming up the mood board for The Heirloom Collection, I kept in mind three important characteristics: quality, timelessness and story. After all, to earn the status of “heirloom” the piece must stand the test of time. So, there must be a certain amount of quality in the craftsmanship. The engraved detail on a serving fork, or the glass beading on a handbag, or the intricate embroidery on a tablecloth, play a part it maintaining an heirlooms sturdy character for generations to come.

Timelessness is a little more elusive. Yet, somehow we know it when we see it. One tell is what the next generation does a piece they’ve inherited. For instance, repurposing a great-grandmother’s teapot into a vase or mixing an auntie’s ornate pickle fork into a cheese service is a fun way to bring them to life and highlights the timelessness of an heirloom.

And of course the importance of story cannot be overstated. How many stories have you heard when gifted an heirloom? A piece of jewelry triggers a story about a trip to Italy. Or an antique lace top, takes us back to a family wedding. There’s always a history attached to these older pieces, how could there not be? They’ve usually traveled long distances, over many years to land on our dinner table or night stand or to hang on our wall. Tales of adventure, love, heartbreak, seem flow from them. The question now is what will we add to it?

So, it seems to me that whether you’re inheriting a piece of sterling from family or gifting embroidered linens to a friend, the key elements of an heirloom, are quality, timelessness and a tale or two. I hope you’ll see your heirlooms with a fresh perspective and enjoy them to the fullest this season and always!