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Winter’s Gambit with Marchioness

With Winter here and relishing in the quiet time at home, I find myself spending more time in our library, where my family and I share our own moments of “gaming” and drinks by the fire. There are of course snacks, lots of warm fur throws and soft music. There’s nothing better than a crackling fire, warm candlelight and tender moments with family. I hope you’re able to enjoy a little bit of a “Winter’s Gambit” at home, too.

I invite you to explore the shop, as there are special pieces that can aid in creating your own winter ambiance at home to include our Brass and Glass Lanterns, gorgeous French vintage bronze stags (signed by Jules Moigniez!) signature faux fur throws — and more.

Here’s to finding joy at home, now and always. Stay tuned for more from Marchioness. Happy gaming!